Friday, January 23, 2009

Looking for Muses

As you can see, I paint the human figure, especially the female form. Lately I have been creating self portraits, but I'd much rather paint portraits of others.

I am looking for youthful people to paint portraits of and to inspire me. I live in Houston part of the time and Austin part of the time, and will be moving to New York soon, so you'd have to be in one of those places for this to work.

If you are interested in being a part of one of my projects, please shoot contact me.

Dawn Okoro, Animadversion

oil on canvas, 24x24 inches

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year! New Direction!

Well, its a new year, and I am really excited to be on the verge of a few mile stones and a new direction for my art career. I will graduate from law school in 3 months; after that I plan to focus more on my artwork.

As far as this "new direction" I speak of, I mean that I will focus more on showing in various venues that are well recognized by the art community. This will involve developing various projects or series of works for specific exhibitions.

I have several new shows coming up. I will post information about those once the details are finalized. I am really happy about it. Oh, and I am moving to New York City this year - either this summer or this fall. I am very much looking forward to connecting with my NYC friends once I move there.

Dawn Okoro, Pick Me Up

This is a new piece that I created recently, it is part of a group of paintings that may be in an upcoming show. This painting is oil on canvas, 24x24 inches.