Tuesday, April 28, 2009

People I've Met in Houston Who've Influenced Me - Robert Pruitt

The year is 2005, I am living in Austin; I decide to stop by Arthouse to view the "Texas Prize" finalists exhibit. Some of the works that burned a hole in my mind were a tennis shoe covered in colorful bubble gum and a table in a dimly lit room displaying pieces of tightly coiled hair and incense ( a shrine to dead rappers).

Fast forward three years later -- and I am in the company of the Texas Prize winner for the exhibit mentioned above. I was introduced to Robert by William (see this blog post). I first chatted with Robert at a sculpture unveiling for Project Row Houses.

I expressed concerns about getting my work "out there." He said what worked for him was to show in institutions that are welcoming of emerging artists in the community. He said that those shows set up the momentum, and other opportunities came pouring in for him, one after another from that point.

From time to time, I bug Robert with my with art career related questions. He is always kind and patient and responds no matter how silly the question. He also made me aware of several programs in Houston, including the Museum of Fine Arts Five-A Program. His advice and positive attitude are much appreciated by me and the countless other artists that he has inspired.

Robert Pruitt's work can be viewed at:



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