Monday, May 04, 2009

People I've Met in Houston Who've Influenced Me - Abidemi Olowonira

I was at a recent opening at the University Museum when a guy and a girl walk up to me. The guy introduces himself as Abidemi Olowonira. He then introduced his sister to me -- Christine. She is a fashionista, and I insisted that she should pose for one of my paintings.

A few days later, Abidemi invited me along with Regina Agu to visit his studio to discuss an art project that we'd be collaborating on. Entering his studio, I was amazed at how prolific he was. The studio was packed from floor to ceiling with various paintings. I was most interested in his style of painting which involved applying sand and rocks to a wooden surface and then painting on that. This creates a more organic look.

What I admire most about Abidemi is his optimism, persistence, and work ethic.

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