Monday, September 28, 2009

The beginning stages

This process of getting feedback from others before beginning a new project and is new for me but it is vital to these pieces.

My goal this week is to sit down and write about it in essay form. This should help me narrow my focus. Then I will begin working on the actual physical work. This involves some carpentry, which is also new to me. I also want to document this process some how. . .

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Project: Carnal Knowledge

I am working on a project that explores the behavior of teens who transmit sexually explicit photos via cell phones and the internet. I would like to get some feedback from the public. Please answer by clicking "Comments" below. You may answer anonymously.

Disclaimer: By responding you are granting me permission to use your response as part of the text for an art work.

1. Do you send sexually explicit photos or texts with your cell phone?
If so, why?

2. Do you post sexually explicit photos in a social media profile (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc)?
If so, why?

3. Are you a model?
If so, how have you used social media to help you further your career?

4. What is your opinion on the recent leaked nude cell phone photos of celebrities such a Cassie, Rihanna, and Vanessa Hudgens?

4a. These photos seem to go "viral," why do so many people choose to look at them?

4b. What do you think of the negative comments toward these celebrities on blogs and message boards following the leaks of nude cell phone photos?

5. Do you think that teens who send nude pictures of themselves to their friends via cell phones should be convicted as sex offenders?

6. Do you feel that the "sexting" panic is overblown? (Sexting is the act of transmitting sexually explicit photos or texts via cell phone).

Thank you for participating!

The Tee

This is a picture of me in one the the "Unconscionability" tees. I shipped out my tshirt orders this weekend. It was a really fun project and I'd definitely like to print some more in the future!