Friday, November 20, 2009

The Women Behind the Paintings

For the past few weeks, my workspace has become somewhat a revolving door, with models coming in and sitting for my current project.

I remember the first time that I decided to have someone pose for me. I bought clothes, wigs, and props, then brought over a makeup artist and photographer. I directed the photographer and the model throughout the shoot in order to create the look I wanted.

In the above photo, I directed a shoot in my studio when I was in Houston. It was wonderful to work with Kendra as a model because she posed so naturally. In this particular shot, she did something with her eyes that made me love the photo.

For my current project, I am behind the camera myself. I am photographing the models with their own clothes and minimal makeup. Some of these photos are more provocative to me, so I am breaking through some social taboos for myself as I create these images.

Sometimes the women who pose for my artwork are friends. Other times they are models that I am referred to by a photographer. Usually, the models come and pose for me that one day and I never see them again. They are working models, artists, students, waitresses, professionals and more. Above all, the models are women who are gracious enough take the time out of their day to pose for me and become a part of this process.


  1. This is a beautiful shot Dawn, cant wait to see what this project looks like!

  2. =) ahhhh i love this Dawn!! i hope everything has been going well

    xoxo Kendra

  3. @Robert Thank you!

    @Kendra Hi! I am doing great, I have been here in NYC for about 3 months now. I hope all is going well with school and modeling. :D

  4. love your work, Dawn! more grease!