Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Outlook

One of the most common comments I get about my artwork is that is that it represents a positive image of the black woman. For the most part, I paint whatever I am compelled to paint at that particular point. Looking back, I think that I may have been compelled to fight against certain negative stereotypes.

However, it is very important to me that my work spark a dialogue. I feel that this might be achieved more so in some of my recent work. At face value, these paintings may not necessarily represent a positive image of black women, but I hope that they inspire a conversation about why people adopt certain attributes.

The above painting is related to this blog post I did a few months ago. It is called "Instamatic," it will be exhibited along with other new work at RFA Gallery from January 29 thru March 6, 2010.


  1. It's good to hear you pushing against people's expectations. I've found that being black in the art game comes with a lot of responsibilities and assumptions that I would rather not be concerned with.

    I'm sure being female only adds to that.

    Anyways, this looks awesome! Have a great show!

  2. Yes, what you said pretty much sums it up!