Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Progress on My New Project

Lately, I have been scaling back from the paintings and instead opting to make drawings. Drawing with pencil feels very natural to me as this is where most of us started as children.

You will notice that the way I am presenting my subjects is different from my previous work. Why? I am studying the way women put themselves on view through technology. I am studying this by:

-viewing social networking sites and advertising
-having women pose in my workspace to recreate some of these images
-conducting an online survey
-writing an essay about my experience and findings
-memorializing these women through paintings and drawings

Although some of the images that I have come across sadden me, I am also intrigued.

Update: Drawings for the "Selfsploitation" project are here. My essay about the project is here.


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  2. I like the way you're organizing your process. And I also like that you're working in pencil. I feel the same way. It brings me back to being a kid again.

  3. love your process. love your art.

    i see you are igbo - so am i. :] i am shocked you have pursued art, going against the grain. i am studying journalism and received so much heat. i would like to know your story.