Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Women of Notre Dame Part 1

Earlier this year, I was invited to speak and exhibit work at The University of Notre Dame. While I was there, some of the students volunteered to pose for future artwork. I needed to use the sun as a light source and these young women were gracious enough to pose for me outside despite the cold and snow. Here are a couple of the drawings that I made; both are colored pencil on paper. I will post more this week.

Erdina (graduating this semester)! 6x6 inches

Amber (recent grad)! 6x8 inches

For more information about me and my artwork, visit my website www.dawnokoro.com.


  1. These are beautiful quick pieces! Thanks

  2. DAWN!!!!! Thank you so much! This is so cool! You are WONDERFUL!
    with appreciation,