Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dawn Okoro Art Giveaway for Bloggers

"Frame Study," photograph, 4x6 inches

In order to celebrate the relaunch of my website, I will give away a limited edition photograph to anyone who makes a blog post about my artwork anytime between July 29- Aug 31, 2010.

The Artwork
To prepare for my "Frame" painting, I photographed a model in various poses. The work I am giving away is a photo called "Study for Frame." The photos are 4x6 inches and part of a limited edition of 100. Each photo is signed and numbered.

To receive one of the photographs, all you have to do is create a blog posting about my art anytime between July 29-Aug 31, 2010. The blog post must include at least one image of my work and a link to my website.

After you have made the blog post, send an email to with the blog link, your name, and mailing address.

I will keep giving away the photos until August 31st unless I run out the 100 photos. My art website is


  1. I'll be writing mine in a few minutes!

  2. Just posted mine, hope you like it!

  3. I'll be writing one soon!

  4. Certainly will be writing, I love your artworks!

    http://afroniquelyyou. om

  5. I saw the retweet on Twitter from Sofn'free and decided to give this a shot. Some of your artwork sparked an entry that I hadn't even thought of yet so thank you for the inspiration. I'll send an e-mail shortly.

  6. I saw part of your series "Crown and Glory" on my friends tumblr ablackgirlintheworld (FYI, idk if you care) and I really liked it

    This might get a little long. But I was immediately impressed by the vibrancy of the blue and how it complemented and not only that, but highlighted the beauty of the brown. I found the juxtaposition to be extremely successful. For me it's like the blue is the backdrop and it enhances all the depths (both figurative and painterly) and multidimensional aspects of what it means to be black.

    Before I knew the title, it was like a moment in solitude, but after learning it I can't help but feel like it's an abdication of life. I especially like it b/c the girl is both the subject and the so-called abhorrent.

    I really could go on for paragraphs and I wish I were feeling more scholastic, but to wrap it, I really enjoyed this work and from the brief click through all of your works.

    Please pass my regards on to the model (if it's the same chica from above). Believe it or not, she's an old pal from high school and I think that accounts to part of my admiration for the work.